Agonizing over how to choose a diesel generator, worried about buying a retrofit

- Jul 25, 2019-


Due to the lack of supply in the market, the demand for diesel generator sets is increasing.Now there are more and more old diesel generators on the market to charge the new sales phenomenon, let us in the purchase of trouble, so starlight power equipment here to tell you how to judge the difference between the new and refurbished, second phone.

The precautions are as follows:

1. Ask about the production date, brand and model of diesel generator set.

2. See if the fuselage had to brush paint, the fuselage of the sign is consistent with the instructions on the model, check to see if there is not burning particulate matter inside the equipment, whether have left traces of fuel combustion (star power equipment remind: under normal circumstances, the new diesel generator there will be a little fuel to trace after testing qualified, but this is a slight traces).

3. Test, by rolling crankshaft, pull flywheel, start the machine, the diesel generator set to do a careful inspection.