Acceptance of diesel generating set for fire protection

- Oct 29, 2018-


Fire use diesel generator set, it is used in diesel generator set on fire, and is a specific and important use diesel generator set, so, need to have in-depth knowledge of this kind of diesel generating sets and comprehensive understanding, so as to realize the rational use of right, and at the same time, make the product has good performance and using effect.

1. Acceptance of diesel generating sets for fire protection.

The acceptance of the diesel generating set for fire protection includes the following aspects:

(1) check the hosts, accessories, special tools, spare parts and accompanying technical documents one by one according to the packing list of the products, and insert the qualification certificate and the delivery trial operation record, and the generator and its control cabinet shall have the delivery test record.In addition, the unit should be checked for lack of parts.

(2) check the appearance of the product, whether there are corresponding nameplates, whether there are missing parts of the body, and whether the surface coating is complete.On the installation of diesel generator set, the handover shall be confirmed.

(3) the installation of the diesel generating set for fire control shall be carried out after the acceptance of the foundation.

(4) in the fixing of the unit, fasteners such as anchor bolts shall be used to fix the unit. The foundation for laying the unit shall be smooth and firm and shall not be loose.

(5) after the installation of oil, gas, water cooling, air cooling, and smoke emission systems and vibration-proof and noise prevention facilities, the work shall be checked to see if there are problems such as leakage and whether the operation of the mechanism is stable.(6) the no-load test and test of diesel engine and its adjustment shall be qualified before the no-load test can be carried out, rather than blindly.