A diesel generator set equipment in the maintenance of the general will have what problems

- Nov 29, 2018-

软文插入常用It's not unusual for us to run a generator set with all sorts of problems. Sometimes equipment maintenance can not be correct maintenance, random disassembly phenomenon, these phenomena often appear just learn the new hand in the majority. Because the new people on the principle of the structure of the equipment is not clear enough, not carefully fault analysis, can not accurately determine where the fault occurred, with almost the same idea on the equipment to disassemble blindly, the result is not only the original problem has not been removed, due to poor workmanship, random disassembly led to new problems.


For example, the power of a diesel generator is insufficient, and the machine cannot work. The maintenance personnel did not find the reason after disassembling and decomposing, and replaced the test of the injection pump. As a result, the fault is still there. Finally, careful inspection found that the internal impurities, excessive moisture caused. In addition, the disassembly led to the reduced performance of PT injection pump and insufficient power of diesel generator. Therefore, when there is a problem with the engine, it is not allowed to disassemble and disassemble randomly. It needs to be tested by the instrument.


If there is no instrument detection, the original method, ask, see, try, check and other traditional methods, and then combined with the structure and working principle of the generator, determine the general location of the fault, and then remove, in the maintenance of the biggest taboo is to disassemble and disassemble.