A brief introduction to the relevant parameters of the diesel generator

- Oct 26, 2017-

【Summary】When the diesel generator is purchased, it will provide a more detailed installation guide for the manufacturer, ensuring that it has the correct functionality, reliability and low maintenance costs. When purchasing diesel generators online,make sure that the product comes with the installation guide and product description.

The relevant parameters of the diesel generator include size and type selection, which refers to the typical load on the electrical equipment, and the expected load when applied.

The cooling parameter of diesel generators also needs our attention. When it comes to the engine cooling during power generation, the ventilation process refers to the allowed airflow in the cooling process. The generator itself will also run for a longer period of time with specific unilization ratio.

920kw diesel engine.jpg

The specific type of diesel generator noise, that is, dB level. For the discharge rate, it also needs to pay attention to some elements of ppm, and considering the environment around the generator. Speaking of its start-up system, it includes the key start, pull start, button start and so on.

When it comes to the use of diesel generators, we should pay attention to the size of the units. For homes, shops, office and small shops, the range of equipment sizes is from 8 to 30kw ( 8 to 30 KVA single - phase). The generators used in the factory are complex form 8 kw (11 KVA) to 2,000 kw (2500 KVA three-phase).


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