A brief introduction to the different gensets models of the diesel generators

- Oct 08, 2017-

【Summary】First of all, the different genset models of diesel generators also include protective unit. This kind of diesel generators will be directly applied to outdoor places without special requirements for the noise. It is composed of standard unit, protected enclosure, smoke evacuation system and so on.

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In addition, for the diesel generator protective unit., its protected enclosure does not set the noise reduction device, and only it can be when meeting the ventilation and rain snow conditions. Therefore, its shape will be relatively small, and the cost will relatively be low. It is also because of this, when the unit is in operation, we should pay attention to opening the door and window for ventilation.

However, the protective power station is able to be used in single and multiple paralleled operations. When used in multiple parallel, it is especially suitable for the situations where the load change is large or continuous operation reliability requirements are relatively high and low cost economic use, such as the oil field drilling rig and so on. 

Next, diesel generators also include the anti-noise unit. For this kind of unit, it is more widely used in outdoor with special requirements for the environment protection or indoor where needs to protect and denoise. It is mainly composed of the standard unit, protected enclosure, intake and exhaust noise reduction device and exhaust noise reduction device and so on.

Finally, we should pay attention to this kind of diesel generator. In terms of its main features, it is setting the noise deadener and sound absorbing layer on the protected enclosure. Furthermore, when it comes to such diesel generators, the intake and exhaust channels of this kind of diesel generator will directly deal with a series of noise reduction processes or the exhaust will directly adopt the combination of industrial and residential silencers.


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