1500kva Container Generator|standby Generator

1500kva Engine For Generating Sets Wandi new Landi big series WD327TAD100, WD360TAD110, WD360TAD120, exhibited on company 60years anniversary, which is developed in cooperation with AVL company, through expanding bore, strengthen the structure and movement, power from 1000 kw to 1200 kw, has a...

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1500kva Engine For Generating Sets

Wandi new Landi big series WD327TAD100, WD360TAD110, WD360TAD120, exhibited on company 60years anniversary, which is developed in cooperation with AVL company, through expanding bore, strengthen the structure and movement, power from 1000 kw to 1200 kw, has a strong power, reliable operation, high cost performance, etc.
Making full use of the advanced core technology to optimize the diesel engine the system design.
High pressure oil pump, turbocharger, water pump, oil pump, fuel injector, oil cooler, cylinder head, piston and cylinder liner and other key parts all purchased from domestic first-class diesel engine parts suppliers, ensure the product quality.
SAE 0 # 18’

1500kva diesel engine For Generating Sets Specifications

Standby (kW)100011001200
Rated speed(r/min)150015001500
Fan power(kW)303535
Cylinder bore×piston stroke(mm)145*165152*165152*165
Number of cylinders12-cylinder V-type12-cylinder V-type12-cylinder V-type
Compression ratio14.51414
Intake modeTurboTurboTurbo
Maximum inlet resistance(kPa)
Air combustion(m3/h)560061006700
Maximum exhaust back pressure(kPa)666
Exhaust Flow(m3/h)146001600017600
Exhaust gas temperature(℃)≦650≦650≦680
CoolingRadiator Radiator Radiator 
Fan exhaust flow(m3/h)114800123500123500
The total capacity of the cooling fluid(L)240250275
The maximum water temperature(℃)959595
Thermostat thermostat range(℃)66~7866~7866~78
The maximum oil temperature(℃)105105105
The total capacity of lubricating oil(L)909090
Minimum fuel consumption(g/kW.h)196196196
Specific oil consumption(g/kW.h)≦0.48≦0.48≦0.48
Speed modeElectricElectricElectric
Flywheel teeth140140140
Battery capacity(AH)4X165AH  12V4X165AH  12V4X165AH  12V
Net weight(ton)
Oil (non-cold eare)CF15W/40CF15W/40CF15W/40
Fuel(non-cold eare)0-100-100-10

1500kva diesel engine For Generating Sets Application

It can be applied to power station, water pumpsets, industry power and related machinery support.


Open generator


Silent generator


Container generaotr

1500kva diesel engine detail
Original: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc
Price: Negotiable
Speed:1500rpm or 1800rpm optional
Payment term: T/T, L/C
Delivery date: 3-5days
Packing: export standard wood package
Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe
Warranty: 1 year, parts are free in this period
MOQ: 1 set

Backup generator Equipment characteristics
●Designed and developed based on AVL technology platform.Through CAE simulation analysis, the new design block, cylinder head, piston and other important components
●4-valve cylinder, one cover for every cylinder - Ensure a longer performance life.
●Holset Cummins turbocharger and Bosch injection system- Enhance response and performance life, providing prompt boost across the operating range.
●Intelligent electronic control system-Complete in functionality.


●One-piece camshaft and good sets of roller rocker arms- Reduce friction while improve fuel economy significantly.
●Redesign, cooling and lubricating system, using the double pump, double oil cooler structure, improve the cooling capacity.
●Less noise and vibration.
●SAE0#14’/0#18 optional

Spare parts and certification box with every engine
More safety delivery in case of lost and easier maintainance.


Wandi Group Advantages
a. Extensive production experience: Wuxi Power Engineering specialized in developing and manufacturing off-way diesel engines and other synchronous product. Wandi was assessed as the top 500 engine manufacturer.

b. Complete production facilities: Over the 60 years, we've been working with advanced companies around the world. We have advanced technical equipment and perfect testing laboratories and testing equipment, which have established a complete management and inspection means and quality assurance system.


c. High quality spare parts: Every part of wandi engine all purchase from china first-level supplier, after passing QC’s test, all parts will keep enough stock in our thousands M2 Vertical storage except daily producing activity.


d. Strict Physical/ Chemical testing procedures: meeting the requirements of the product design and process, providing reliable testing data.


e. Short Delivery time: If a container, we need 15-20 days. We also have some standard sizes of engines, if you need 3-5 pcs, we can deliver them within 1 week.


Wandi Group service

Our service

Ø All clients will have Business Executive, we provide one-to-one service to make sure prompt reply.

Ø Designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment.

Ø We provide technical design and solutions.

Ø We will provide professional technical training and guidance to the site according to the contract.

Ø Remote technical consultation and service.

1. How can i get the after-service?
A: We will send you the spare parts by free if during warranty period. We also send the spare parts if beyond warranty period, however it is charged. Any problem, you can call us directly.
2. How can i trust your company?
A: With 60-years-professional design, we can provide you suitable suggestion and lowest price.
1. Assessed by third party, national patents and ISO, SGS, CNAS for all equipment.
2. We have China provincial level technical team and laboratory.
3. Is your price competitive?
A: Only profit can ensure a long life of a company and good quality of production, what we can supply Only the best quality. Surely we will give you best factory price based on superior service.